Galway Vent Share


We are extremely grateful to Miriam Nolan and the Intersurgical team in supplying components to us in such a short space of time and for their continued support​

Please note this section will be updated regularly as further options are identified.

Item Image Quantity Brand Product Code Where to Find
Respiratory Tubing Circuit 2 TBC TBC Widely available
Paedeatric APL (Adjustable Pressure Limiting) Valve 2 Intersurgical 2122012 as part of kit Link
Y-Connector 2 Intersurgical, Armstrong, Teleflex Intersurgical: 1901000 or 1926000 Link
APL To Inspiratory Line Connector (elbow) 2 Intersurgical, Armstrong 2122012 / AMCA1500 Link
Step Down Connector from APL Valve to Y-Connector 2 Intersurgical 2122013  
Female to Female Connector 5 Intersurgical, Armstrong, Teleflex 1967000 (Intersurgical), AMCA1301/2 (Armstrong) Link
Flow Sensor 2 TBC In development  
Pressure Sensor 2 TBC In development  
HMEF / Filter 2 TBC 1941001 or 1942000 Widely available
One Way Valve 2 Intersurgical Armstrong 1921000 AMCA1905/1 Link Link