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Research & Development

The team have conducted hundreds of laboratory based tests since the start of March and aim to continue refinement in parallel with ongoing testing. We continue to work closely with local clinicians and we welcome any thoughts on this system and encourage you to get in touch via the contact us page

Patient Monitor

Individual Patient Monitor

Our patient monitoring solution involves a collaboration with sensor specialists Sensirion AVG and Nicolay GMBH cable solutions. We have been working closely with both companies to develop a low cost solution that allows clinicians to read individual values for each patient for Expiratory Tidal Volume (Vte), Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) and Peak Pressure. We have working prototypes of the full pressure and flow technology solution. Further work is now underway to develop this solution to make it available as a complete solution.

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We have records of all testing conducted from 16th March onwards. We have spent this time ensuring that we complete the most appropriate testing and that we understand as many of the variables in the system as possible. This brought us to complete our recent testing on the Michigan Instruments 2600i & 2601i test lung having found it to be the most robust and repeatable unit.

We specifically tested the system for changes in lung capacity, lung compliance and respiratory resistance.

Examples of data generated from Respiratory Resistance Test




Peak Pressure Trend 


PEEP Trend

Further preliminary results for system adjustments for different ventilation requirements will follow shortly.